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BYOD Device Support

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What support for BYOD devices does NHS supply?

NHS IT Support can only provide minimal troubleshooting assistance to students who are having problems connecting to the Schools Wireless Network. The School does not provide any Mechanical Repairs to Student owned devices and can only supply minimal troubleshooting assistance. It is not the responsibility of your teacher/s or other staff to troubleshoot individual devices during the school day. They will refer you to the Guidelines for connection (accessible through the “StudentVDI” icon located on a school computer).

I purchased a device from the School Recommended Device (SRD) Portal, what do I do for support?

Devices purchased through the School Recommended Device (SRD) Portal come with a 3 year on-site warranty. NHS IT Support can help with advice on support with SRD devices if you are unsure on what the problem is. A repair job can then be logged with LWT (an Acer and Lenovo Warranty repairer) by the parent/student using the online Repair form (click on the link below). Once a repair job has been submitted please leave your device and associated charger with the NHS IT Support team for LWT to come and investigate/repair.

BYOD SRD Repair Form